New Orleans Criminal Attorney Explains Your Rights

If you are being investigated in a criminal matter, or are a suspect in a criminal case, or have been questioned in a criminal case, you should contact this New Orleans criminal attorney who has extensive experience in criminal law and trial litigation for the best possible outcome.

If you have been arrested in a criminal matter, you are entitled to legal counsel and representation. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you by the court.

There is a difference between criminal law and civil law. In a criminal case, a prosecutor, as representative of the injured community, initiates and controls the case and the defendant is entitled to representation by an attorney if necessary.

Both criminal and civil laws may be violated by the same action. For example, a defendant may be civilly sued by a victim for monetary damages and criminally prosecuted by the state.

The American criminal justice system is complex and becoming more so. Many acts, acceptable at one time in America (such as the punishment of a child, drinking while driving, or sexual harassment) are now criminalized. American law reflects the social concerns of citizens of the U.S. even to degrees of guilt. Under the United States Criminal Law, crimes are divided into felonies and misdemeanors with the potential punishment as the determining factor.

If the crime is considered a felony, it is punishable by imprisonment for longer than a year. Punishment for a misdemeanor is for a year or less. Some crimes are called “wobblers,” as sentence may be imposed by a judge who has the legal discretion of imposing a sentence of less than a year thereby determining the class of crime (misdemeanor or felony). Actions punishable only by fine are usually considered infractions and not crimes at all. In more recent times, it has become the norm to classify crimes as “white collar” or “violent.”

Violent crimes in the U.S. include child abuse, domestic violence, arson, assault, battery, homicide, murder, robbery, and rape among others. Do not hesitate to contact this attorney to defend your freedom.

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Personal Injury Attorney Covington Protects Client’s Rights

Auto accidents are a fact of life. Every time you enter a car, there is a possibility that you may be injured in an accident. When a car accident is due to the negligence or reckless driving of another, call this personal injury attorney immediately. It is important to discuss the merits of your case with this experienced attorney. Louisiana has a statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits, and it is important to file within the time frame if warranted.

When you forego legal representation and attempt to handle your car accident injury case, expect to receive less in compensation. Insurance companies are not interested in your welfare and will try to rush you into a fast settlement usually with low compensation. Before accepting any payment, consult this experienced personal injury lawyer to protect your rights and aggressively pursue the compensation you deserve.

This accident attorney understands the complexities of injury cases in the state of Louisiana. He will get the highest compensation possible for your injury. His years of experience in negotiating with different insurance companies and adjustors are a plus for his clients. This competent lawyer will effectively pursue justice for his clients with his undivided attention to detail. For more information to set up a free consultation, visit The Upton Law Firm, LLC.


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How To Choose A New Orleans Divorce Lawyer

decreeWhen facing the prospect of a divorce, it is difficult to know who to turn too. Wasting time and money finding the right lawyer can be overwhelming because most people do not have the legal expertise to make sound decisions that may affect their entire future. For the best outcome, find a divorce lawyer New Orleans because he is an experienced family attorney who can guide you through this emotional and financial ordeal.

Your attorney will help you to realize that divorce is a legal process with the purpose of terminating a marriage and dissolving assets including dealing with custody issues. You are hiring him to represent your interests. Remember your divorce attorney is not your therapist. Stay focused on your ultimate goal to achieve as little financial damage as necessary to terminate the marriage. Your attorney has no idea exactly what you want. Make up your mind before your first meeting so that you can be very clear with your expectations. Although your must be realistic, negotiating the terms of the divorce require the expertise of a seasoned professional to assure you a satisfactory outcome.

Your New Orleans attorney will communicate and negotiate each step of the way to insure that you understand the process of divorce. You can depend on him to solve problems as they arise. Having peace of mind and knowing that your case is in good hands will save you a great deal of stress and possible financial hardships. For more information visit there page.